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Scope Oil’s principal business is to offer an exchange oil service for the regeneration of transformer oil for the Electrical Distribution Industry. Its main customers are Electrical Distribution companies and High Voltage contracting businesses. All customers that supply oil, or offer oil for exchange need to confirm that the oil they are supplying to Scope Oil is:

  • Pure transformer oil. No contamination

  • Does not contain PCB’s (Polychlorinated biphenyl)

Scope Oil prides itself in building close working relationships with its customers to ensure a quality service is provided at all times.


IBCs (1000 litre pallet containers) are grouped into batches of 5. IBC’s with similar acidity are processed through the plant until they reach the required specification in terms of moisture content, acidity and electrical breakdown.

If the oil can achieve the required specification with a single pass through the plant, the oil moves from the IBC direct to the appropriate 5000 litre storage tank. If more than one pass is required the oil from each IBC passes through the plant and is collected in a 5,000 HDPE batching tank. When each IBC is empty, the oil from the batching tank is passed through the plant for a second time. If after the second pass it has reached specification, it is stored in the appropriate 5,000 litre HDPE storage tanks.

Quality Checks

Testing of each batch checks the acidity levels, moisture content and dielectric strength of the oil. Our standards are as follows:

Quality   Standard   Hi Spec
Neutralisation value   <0.030 mgKOH/g   <0.013 mgKOH/g
Moisture   <10ppm   <10ppm
Dielectric strength   >60kV   >60kV
Interfacial tension   Not tested   >37 mN/m2
Power factor   Not tested   <0.02nn2 @ 90º

This quality check is passed onto the customer by way of Batch Certificate. This is attached to the IBC when delivered.

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