SCOPE OIL - for electrical transformer oil

Pick Up & Deliveries

Scope Oil supplies clean 1000 Litre pallet containers (IBCs) to customers. When full, or when the customer requires regenerated transformer oil, either the customer can deliver the IBC to the factory at 47 Ellis Street, Frankton, Hamilton or Scope Oil will collect from the customer site. If the customer requires regenerated oil, it is delivered at the same time.

Before Transportation, the IBC is checked carefully to ensure the valve is closed, a cap is firmly in place and the lid is securely fastened. The IBC will have a Batch Certificate attached showing its actual moisture content, acidity and electrical breakdown. The IBCs are forklifted on and off the flat deck truck at the customer’s premises and are positioned with the valves facing outwards so if a valve does leak it can be accessed and closed without the need to remove the IBC from the truck. Each IBC is held in place with no less than 2 ratchet tie downs.

The truck is fitted with a spill kit including an absorbent boom, drain covers and absorbent media. The driver also has a cell phone and can call for assistance if required.

It is our firms policy to cover all Health and Environmental Policy Standards.

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