SCOPE OIL - for electrical transformer oil


…….“Cheers for sorting this for us and we appreciate the onsite professionalism of you and your team.”…………

Brad Maru
Project Supervisor

NorthPower on behalf of TransPower NZ

Bulk Deliveries

We have a Foden 8 Wheeler Truck that can hold 19,000 Litres available for bulk deliveries and pickups.

Services we can provide with this Truck:

  • We can do bulk deliveries and pickups
  • We can collect oil off site, refurbish to Hi Spec in our Factory at 47 Ellis Street, Hamilton, and return the Oil to Customers for reuse.
  • Our Tanker can also be left on site and used as a holding tank to collect waste oil

In the event of a spill occurring, the truck is fitted with a spill kit including an absorbent boom, drain covers and absorbent media.

It is our firms policy to cover all Health and Environmental Policy Standards.

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